UNHCR Nigeria: Nigeria North East

Insecurity related to Boko Haram violence and military counter-terrorism operations continue to affect 26 million people living in North East Nigeria. Up to 2 million people were forced to leave their homes at the height of the conflict, fleeing attacks across the three affected states. 1.8 million are internally displaced and another 200,000 crossed into the neighbouring countries of Cameroon, Chad and Niger. Major violations of international humanitarian and human rights law, severe protection concerns and a growing humanitarian crisis of global proportions are building now, in the conflict’s eighth year, insecurity continues, adding to the long history of marginalization and chronic under-development as well as higher rates of poverty, illiteracy and unemployment in the region. Long-standing environmental degradation, the closure of markets and disruption of regional trade also contribute to eroding livelihoods, adding to the already massive scale of forced displacement and human suffering.

Lack of access continues to be an obstacle to obtaining information relating to humanitarian needs including in return and newly accessible areas where access remains restricted by the military and insecurity. Despite the challenges, Protection partners completed a number of multi-sector and sector-specific rapid needs assessments and monitoring visits in the six states of the North East.